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We don’t think compliance needs to be complex. That’s why we developed the Conformatix Compliance Navigator. To allow you to move smoothly through rules, procedures, standards and legal requirements. We link relevant standard, legal and company-specific requirements to processes in which these requirements are secured. Whether it concerns ISO standards, the GDPR or other standards and legal requirements, with the Conformatix Compliance Navigator you are always in control.

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Our mission and vision

Our vision: Organizations must increasingly comply with (quality) requirements, process agreements and increasingly strict laws and regulations. At the same time, flexibility, entrepreneurship and growth should not be hindered.

Conformatix ensures that organizations continue to work in accordance with the standard requirements and laws and regulations, while all risks are identified and processes continue to run smoothly. In this way, organizations can do business with as little risk as possible.

Our mission: Conformatix limits risks by making rules and processes secure and transparent and by reducing them to the essence. We streamline processes and create structure.

With the Conformatix Compliance Navigator we make laws and regulations part of business operations in a simple and workable way. We do this smartly, effectively and comprehensibly.

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