Risk-free does not exist,

Conformatix does.

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Being compliant and remaining in accordance with the standard requirements and laws and regulations. While all risks are mapped out and processes continue to run smoothly. It sounds like an organization with insight. Relieved and relaxed. Completely in control with our Conformatix Compliance Navigator.



  • Gives insight
    and grip
  • Limits and
    manages risks
  • Assigns
  • Connects requirements
    to business processes

Move effortlessly through norms, laws and regulations.

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Always demonstrably compliant

You want to be compliant with continuously changing laws and regulations. That is not easy, because it takes time and knowledge is often lacking. That is why you also lose the overview. That is exactly what puts you in a risky position.

Our compliance software gives you insight into which standards are relevant to your organization. Whether it concerns ISO 27001, ISO 14001, NEN 7510, GDPR or other laws and regulations, Conformatix has the focus to keep you demonstrably compliant. In this way we keep the organization firmly on the ground, while you can concentrate on doing business. Or we ensure that government agencies remain compliant, while there is better management, control and accountability at the policy program and organizational level.

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